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One & Two watt ultra-high efficient LED specifications
 E27, 85-265V, 50-60Hz 4000K Neutral White

We are launching a kickstarter program with the most popular lightbulb model: E27. It will work in countries with both 110 and 220 volts (Yes, you can send them as gifts to friends anywhere in the world).

Light Spectrum

More useful light, less damaging light, and less power needed . The following figures compare the light spectrum of a conventional LED to our one-watt ultra-high-efficient lamps

The green curve in both diagrams shows the CIE curve for human eye sensibility to light.

This figure represents a typical spectral flux curve for a conventional 4637K color temperature LED.

Notice how blue light has been reduced and « useful » light is uniformly increased, the color temperature is slightly reduced but the IRC remain almost unchanged.

"Our ultra-high-efficiency LEDs are the materialisation of a long-pursued desire since Tomas Alba Edison invented the incandescent bulb: To power a common lamp that illuminates a room with only  1 Watt."

Enrique Capilla, Technology Developer

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