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Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy your lamps?

They are not for sale yet. We will soon launch our kickstarter campaign, and you can pre-order all the lightbulbs you want

How can I learn more about the technology and product specifications?

Please go to the tab "our technology" if you have additional questions don't hesitate to send us an email in the form below.

Will the lamps work with 110V or 220V?

The lamps will work with BOTH voltage standards. You will be able to mail them to your friends all over the world!

How can I help your campaign?

The best way is recommending our product to your friends and family. Sharing via social media is great!

How do I know my carbon footprint?

There are many websites that help you calculate it. This is EPA's




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Do you have something to tell us?

The best way to reach us is sending an e-mail.

We have business representatives in North America and Europe, and are fluent in French, English or Spanish. For all other languages, we'll reply with the help of an online translator.

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