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The simplest way to fight global warming is changing your lightbulb. 
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Our 1-watt lamps yield a luminosity equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent bulb (450 lumens)

Utilised for 5-6 hours/day, you won't need to replace them in the next 25 years!

All are welcome in our quest to save energy and protect our planet.
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By choosing 1-watt, you will also be challenging the luminary industry directly, as we set together a new ecological standard in terms of life span, energy savings, and lifestyle.

Let your voice be heard by the choices you make. Change the status quo. The bar has to be set higher.

Our 1 and 2 Watt lamps feature 3 distinctive advantages:

Significant reduction of  waste and CO2 emissions

  • Uses 1/6 of the energy of the most efficient lamps in the market, reducing both your carbon footprint and energy bill
  • Has an expected lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • Reduces generation of electronic waste by 50%

Better light quality and efficiency

The ultra-efficient technology increases luminosity and reduces to a minimum heat emissions

A healthier light that protects your eyes

Our technology remarkably reduces dangerous blue and violet light, which is damaging to your eyes and to health in general

Our Philosophy

We believe that technology should be accessible, efficient and help have a minimal environmental imprint. 

We are committed to developing long lasting products, contributing to the improvement our health and quality of life. 

We believe we will change the world one lightbulb at a time

Our Team

We are co-founders of 1-watt, the most energy efficient lighting solution . We have different backgrounds, nationalities and interests. Our common denominator and driving force is our willpower to solve the Global Warming Emergency, and to leave a better planet for the generations to come.


Marketing & Strategy

Irma thinks every new product should be conceived around sustainability, global footprint and happiness.

She is a business consultant based in Toulouse. She specialises in Marketing, Strategy and a combination of both, helping firms with their sustainability goals. 

With a background in environmental economics and business, she has participated in creating and developing products and services in Europe and North America. 

Irma is in charge of the vision and development strategy of 1-watt

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Investor Relations & Finance

An International Lawyer, Chacho has 30+ years of broad experience in telecommunications, biotechnology and environmental industries.

He believes the state of our planet demands that we use efficiently and wisely all the resources we have. He is committed to share the amazing technology behind 1-watt, our legacy for a better planet.

Chacho is in charge of legal and financial affairs, as well as investor relations

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Research & Operations

To be a good engineer, you need to have an understanding of energy and its transformations. 

For Enrique, creating light  is a tool with which we wonder and discover. He specialises in LED lamps and solar power

He's in charge of explaining, in simple words, how and why 1-watt is an ultra efficient technology for LED lamps

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